Car Keys

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Types of keys

We can fabricate any of the following keys, no matter what car make and model you have:


  • Transponder keys
  • VATS keys
  • Trunk keys
  • Glove box keys


Although all of them a car keys, there is a big difference between these types of car keys.
Trunk keys and glove box keys are the most simple keys to cut, because these are simple metal keys and they don’t require more than a key cutting machine and a basic level of knowledge.


V.A.T.S. Keys

This is a special type of car keys, equipped with a “Vehicle Anti-Theft System”. VATS keys are not very common, hence many other locksmith companies are unable to replace them.


This is a high security key, used for some models of the following car makes:


  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Oldsmobile
  • Pontiac.

Transponder Keys

If your car was manufactured in the 2000’s, chances are high that your car key is equipped with a Transponder chip.


This chip transmits a radio signal to the ignition module, once the key is inserted into the ignition. Only if the signal is transmitted at a certain frequency – you will be able to start the car.


To make a long story short – if somebody makes a copy of the metal part of your Transponder key, he won’t be able to drive your car, because the ignition will not receive any radio signal from the key.


The Greatest Advantage Of Transponder Keys

Should your Transponder key get lost or stolen, you can prevent an auto-theft by calling Papa Locksmith and getting your ignition re-programmed!
Once we re-program your ignition and provide a new Transponder key, the old key will become absolutely useless and it will be impossible to ignite your vehicle with that lost or stolen key.



The Transponder system is the best tool against auto-theft available nowadays. This is one of the main reasons why the cars that were manufactured in the 2000’s are considered so much safer than older vehicles.


Our professional locksmiths have the most advanced Transponder keys cutting and programming equipment, so if you need a Transponder key duplicate or a brand new key made – it will be done on-site, whenever you need it.



More about our services

What makes Papa Locksmith stand out is our constant availability and highest level professional workmanship. We never compromise on quality!


Papa Locksmith staff consists of licensed and bonded technicians exclusively, to avoid amateur treatment issues and supply the best value possible for your money.


All the car keys that we make come with a 90-day guarantee, so should you have any problem with your new key – we have you covered!



No matter what make and model car you have, you can rest assured that our staff has you covered around the clock.


All we need to know is your address and what type of car you need a key made for, so our locksmith will know what type of key blank he should take with him when he drives to your location.


Last but not least, we at Papa Locksmith keep our rates as low as possible, so take advantage of our flat rate on new car keys – call us now at (877) 941-0421!