Lock Change

Need a lock change because you can’t open or lock your home? Dial (877) 941-0421 now for 15 minute arrival!


Your security is in danger and something must be done immediately, before you regret about not having acted fast enough.


The easiest, fastest and simply best option you have is getting a lock change done by a professional home locksmith, who will take care of everything from A to Z, so contact Papa Locksmith now!

Assortment of Locks

We can deal with a very big variety of security tools and give a security estimate on site, so if you need a lock change, we’ll help you decide which lock you need:


  • Deadbolt
  • Cylinder Lock
  • High Security Rim Cylinder Lock
  • Mortise Lock
  • Drop Bolt
  • Various Locks Used for Master Key Systems

Quality Locks – Because Our Clients Deserve The Best!

There are many types of locks available in the market, produced by a plethora of different companies and sold for prices that differ from each other quite a lot.


The average customer will not be able to figure out the difference between them. That’s a fact that some companies in the security industries can take advantage of, in order to sell locks for prices that don’t justify the quality of the products they sell.



This is the reason why replacing a lock yourself might not be the best idea for you as a customer, because you should never compromise on quality, when it comes to your security. Especially not when you pay a high price for a new lock that should protect your family and your possessions.


We at Papa Locksmith know which lock companies one can trust and which not. We cooperate with the best lock companies in the industry, so you can rest assured that the lock that our technician installs in your door is a high quality lock that will service you for many years to come.



90-Day Guarantee On Every Lock

Not only that we provide uncompromising quality locks, but they are also backed up with a 90-day guarantee. So should anything go wrong (which is quite rare!), you will still be covered on the long run.


All you will have to do is to call us at (877) 941-0421 and schedule a new appointment with our locksmith, who will fix your broken lock or install a brand new one.


This is another reason why it makes more sense for you to get a lock change made by one of our licensed and bonded technicians, rather than buy a new lock that is not covered with a guarantee and install it yourself, or compromise on the service of an amateur locksmith, who will not provide a lock that is good enough for your needs.



Other Related Services

An important thing one should take into consideration when he decides to change a lock is the fact that lock rekey is a better option, which is available only if the lock still works properly and isn’t broken.


This option is a complete win-win situation, which will spare both the customer and the locksmith both time and money, while the result will be absolutely the same – the code combination inside the lock will be different and only the new key, given to the customer, will be able to unlock that lock in question.


Of course, key duplication can also be made on spot, whether you chose a lock change or a lock rekey, so if you need more than one key our mobile locksmith will spare you the time you would have to spend on going outside to get the key duplicated elsewhere! Dial (877) 941-0421 now for a free estimate!