Things To Remember When Getting Transponder Keys

If you are wondering what things you should remember about transponder keys, then this news update is for you.

Transponder keys are designed to provide radio transmission for the car and the key, therefore making the car more secured from thieves.


Once you insert a Transponder key into the ignition, the ignition will transmit a radio signal on a certain frequency, which the electronic Transponder chip inside the key must detect. Only if you use the genuine key – you will be able to start your car.


While making a copy of the metal part of the car key is enough for an auto thief in order to start driving the stolen vehicle, it’s definitely not the case of car that are equipped with a Transponder system.



Remember these two things about transponder keys:


Have at least two keys – When you are to buy a car equipped with a transponder system, see to it that you have at least two transponder keys. Your extra key’s will be useful during emergencies, like when you lose or forget the key somewhere.


Have a certified locksmith program or replace your keys – In case your transponder keys need to be replaced or reprogrammed, make sure that you only contact a certified auto locksmith to do the job. This makes you more confident about the quality of the service.



Most of the cars that were manufactured starting from the year 2000 are equipped with a Transponder system, so if you own a car that was made in the 2000’s – you are better protected from an auto-theft.


On the other hand, you still might be able to find yourself in need of a new Transponder key made, be it because your key is lost, broken, stolen or maybe you just ned a spare copy made for one of your children, who got a driving license.


If you need quality transponder keys, call an auto locksmith from a reliable locksmith company!