Key Replacement

Need a broken or lost key replacement? Can’t get inside your home or car? Dial (877) 941-0421 for 15 minute arrival!


When a lock picking is not enough – you need a key replacement, done by a reliable locksmith that can back you up in an hour of need.


Papa Locksmith is always nearby, no matter where you are and what type of key you need. Call us now!

Available types of keys:

  • Transponder Key – You have a new car but have already broken or lost the key? Fortunately, Papa Locksmith techs have the ability to make a transponder key for you and program the chip as well!
  • VATS Key – Still driving a classic 80’s car and need a key replacement? A car key replacement is still possible with the help of Papa Locksmith!
  • Home Key – Got a simple lock or a high end deadbolt installed in your front door? It doesn’t really matter, because a key replacement is possible for any of them!
  • Regular All Metal Car Key – Lost your glove box key? We will make a new one for you!

Home Key Replacement Alternative

If you are reading these lines because your home key is lost, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you really need a new key, but a lock rekey service is the best solution that can be provided in such a situation.


Just like it’s enough to re-program the Transponder chip in case of a Transponder key loss, in order to prevent the new owner of the old key from being able to start your vehicle, a home lock rekey will make it impossible for anyone else except you to open your door lock with the old key that you have lost.




Why Papa Locksmith?

Papa Locksmith is your best option, because our professional locksmiths operate non-stop, 24 hours a day.


Even though they are usually made of metal, keys tend to be broken, and if a half of it remains stuck inside the lock or the ignition – an amateur attempt to get it out is not only destined to fail, but also to bring more damage.


Even if you have a spare key and only need to get a part of the broken key out of a lock or an ignition – contact Papa Locksmith to get a broken key extracted, before you make a mistake that might result in an unnecessary ignition or lock replacement!



Carefully Selected Staff Of Security Specialists

This is what Papa Locksmith always aimed to be, and nowadays you can rest assured that once you call Papa Locksmith – you will get the service you need provided by a licensed and bonded professional, who has the most advanced equipment and the best of knowledge to offer.


From high quality key blanks to the newest key cutting and programming machines – we have it all and we carry it with use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



On top of that – you will also get a 90-day guarantee on parts and labor, so should anything go wrong with your newly made key, you will only have to call us at (877) 941-0421 and schedule an appointment with our technician.


You can be more than sure that once you get a key replaced by one of our locksmiths, your new key will work flawlessly for many years to come. We never compromise on the quality level of our services and products. When you deal with Papa Locksmith – you will get the best value for your money.


Contact us any time you need a locksmith service and we’ll make sure that you will get your key replaced sooner than you could expect! Don’t wait any longer, dial (877) 941-0421 now!