Home/Office Lock Out


Can’t find your home key? Call Papa Locksmith at (877) 941-0421 for 15 minute arrival!


Professional treatment costs much less than amateur lock out attempts. Our locksmith will save you both time and money!



We can easily open any of the following locks:


    • Deadbolt
    • Cylinder Lock
    • Mortise Lock
    • High Security Rim Cylinder Lock
    • Drop Bolt



Lock picking is not a big deal for our licensed locksmiths. We will get to your location within 20 minutes of your call and unlock your door in a jiff!



24 / 7 Availability

2 PM? 2 AM? We are always ready to come over!

A house lockout is a typical emergency situation. It can happen anytime and it always happens when it’s not expected at all.


Although it seems to be an absolutely unpredictable phenomenon, we have enough statistical information to know how many people will find themselves locked out of their residence every day.


Having this knowledge, it’s not hard to figure out how many locksmiths we need to be available, in order to be able to respond as quickly as possible.



Need A Consultation?

Ask Our Dispatcher!

Unlike many other locksmith companies, we at Papa Locksmith believe that a dispatcher should be more than just a person who writes down the customer’s details.


Our dispatchers have vast knowledge and they can provide you any information you need. This is the same information that you would receive from a professional locksmith.


When you have an emergency and you don’t have any spare time to waste, it’s important to choose the right people to cooperate with, in order to get your problem solved fast ans efficiently.


Dial (877) 941-0421 now!

Car Lock Out


Locked your car? Dial (877) 941-0421 now, Papa Locksmith has you covered 24 hours a day!


We can dispatch an auto locksmith immediately. All the car lockout calls we accept are treated as emergency calls. We’ll get to you in 20 minutes!


Papa Locksmith is here to provide all of the following at once:


  • ‘Round The Clock Availability
  • Swift Response
  • Professional Treatment
  • Competitive Rates



Avoid amateur unlock attempts at any cost!


A locked car door is quite an issue if you don’t know how to get it unlocked. Moreover – you will probably damage your car and will eventually have to pay for both the lock out and for the repair!



Our qualified locksmiths, on the other hand, will be able to unlock a car without wasting your time and without causing any unnecessary damage to your precious possession!


You Can Trust Our Techs!

Because all of the members of our staff are carefully selected, experienced professionals. We employ only licensed and bonded technicians, to avoid incidents of any kind and to make sure that we provide the best of service to our customers.


There is no need for you to try using improvised lock out tools, such as a coat hanger or an iron ruler, because unlocking a car with these primitive tools is not half as easy as it might look on the TV screen.



Our locksmiths use the newest, most advanced and, last but not least – safest equipment, hence you can rest assured that it won’t take us long to unlock your car door and no damage whatsoever will be caused to your vehicle. Not even a small scratch!



Why Papa Locksmith?

We can unlock vehicles of all makes and models, older ones and newest alike.



Once you need a locksmith service that you can rely on, a short call to Papa Locksmith is the only thing you will have to do, in order to get back into your car.


Call us at (877) 941-0421 any time you need a car lock out, we have you covered 24 / 7!